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My Pet Light
Making walking Your Dog Safer and Brighter
Solar Powered Leash Light
Powered by the Sun Environmentally Friendly
Put in Sunlight

Shines bright at night

$7.99 each

This is a solar powered light for retractable leashed. Feel good knowing you are using green energy.  Place in sunlight during the day, it supplies enough light for a couple of walks.

Made of strong PVC plastic

Attaches with Adhesive to Leash

Swivels for best illumination

3 High power LED Light

Lithium-ion battery   Lifetime guarantee.*
4 Colors
Red  Green
Blue  Pink

Just pay for shipping & Handling
Most Powerful Light for Leashes
Nobody has a longer lasting battery
Nobody leash light is stronger than ours
Flashlight body made of aluminum
Lithium icon Battery 2400 mah
Led 90 Lumens
Silicone Body for
Protection from  falls
The stingray model is no wimp.  The bright light shines 150 ft or more.
This lets you see the dangers ahead.  Maybe a skunk or another dog.
The stingray sticks to any size leash.  The silicone body protects the
Aluminum case light. Nobody has a brighter light.
USB Port